What do you do when a date does not turn up?

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  • September 4, 2018
  • It does not happen very often, but on occasion, a date may not turn up. It is hugely disappointing as you waste both time and money. But not only that, it is in general a problem at the same time, and if you are meeting some one in a bar, it can be rather embarrassing at the same time. You sit there all dressed up, and all of the sudden the guy is not there. It has happened to me during my career with Beckenham escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/beckenham-escorts, and I have always felt a bit silly.


    Normally you would have bought a drink for yourself to make yourself look legit so that the barman does not throw you out. Some bartenders seem to be able to sniff out an escort in three seconds flat, and I always tell the new girls at Beckenham escorts to be careful when they are expected to meet a date in a bar. You don’t want to become known as an escort as it is likely that you will not be able to go into that hotel or bar again.


    When a date does not arrive on time, you need to tell the agency. I always send them a text message if I am sitting at a bar. If you call the agency, it may just be too obvious and the bartender may hear what you have to say to your agency. A text is a much better idea and both parties will know what is going on. Most Beckenham escorts are briefed what to do but that does not stop some of the girls getting anxious when a date does not turn up.


    I normally wait for about 15 minutes, but if he does not turn up after that time, I leave the bar telling the bartender that I have been stood up. Most of the time they can relate to that, and just let you pay for the drink, and you can leave. If the agency does not have another date for you, you can make your way back home or to your boudoir. Should it happen to be rather late at night, I will give the reception at Beckenham escorts a call, and tell them that I am going home. Sure, you could hang around, but in general I don’t do that.


    Dates not turning up is not a big problem at Beckenham escorts. Some agencies who have a lot of foreign gentlemen callers have problems with it all of time, but in general I would not say that it is a big deal at the escort agency in Beckenham. What happens to the gent? Well, the agency will try to charge his credit card if he has got one. After all, he has wasted the time of the escort agency, and at the same time, he has wasted your time as well. Make sure that you get something out of it, and take it on the chin. It is not you – most of the time is the gent who has chickened out of the arrangement.



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